Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rules Project 2: Grammar Natzi Memes

Welcome back! Last time we started off with Pet Peeve Grammar Memes; looking into some of the things that really gets them going when we mess up our grammar. As you may remember we concluded that post saying that sometimes when they are forced to stare at these mistakes over and over again it can bring out their inner grammar Nazi.

Maybe they really just care because when they see things like this...

they just can't help but be concerned for our future. I know I saw this and had a quite a scare and I'm not even a grammar Nazi. They just have this need to correct us in hopes they can save your language skills from falling apart. It's a nice sentiment, but sometimes, when they just can't help themselves, they can go too far and go correcting random people. Let me show you what I mean.

This guy after he read back his friends response message was probably like...

Sadly I think his compulsion may have actually got him uninvited. 
Then we have some other wonderful examples such as:

Sometimes, just like this last meme, grammar Nazis can really freak out on you. Sometimes its like walking across a minefield; you never know which step you take is going to make everything blow up in your face. I would like to suggest to all you grammar Nazis out there that acting explosive will probably not help you in succeeding in your task. People can get defensive and respond with a counter strike!

I should have warned some of you grammar Nazis reading this about that meme, but it must have slipped my mind. I am sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused you or your day. I think it would be more appropriate for Grammar Nazis to have a sense of humor. If you put some humor into your rants people would at least remember them. If you can get them to remember the rants then they are probably more likely to remember your lesson as well. But pay no attention to me that is just a thought I had. However, in the case you want to know what I mean just look at this:

If you didn't catch the joke take another look. It's okay I'll wait.....okay I lied! They made up an actual grammar police character! What would your response be if you said "who are you the grammar police?" and then the grammar police actually commented? And the truth is, this pyramidhead13579 kid will never forget this. Seriously, how about trying some humor instead?

I guess a grammar Nazi's response would be...

I mean of course that would be edited to "haters are going to hate" but I think you all know what they mean!

In all honesty though grammar does matter and can be the difference between a job or no job at all. From the Pennington Publishing Blog is this blurb which is a fine example of how grammar can impact your future:
Grammar is an essential tool for success in school, work, and life. We are judged, sometimes quite severely, by the words we use and the way we use them in our speaking and writing. Our spoken and written words can betray us. They reflect our background, education, and ability to communicate. For example, many years ago, the principal walked into my room while my student teacher was delivering a lesson. After a few minutes, the principal signaled me to step outside.
“I will never hire that young man,” he said.
Shocked, I asked him why.
“On the board, he has a dangling modifier and he ended a sentence with a preposition.”
Sounds quite harsh, doesn’t it?  Not every educated adult attaches the same level of importance regarding the proper use of grammar as does that principal. However, many do. 

This blurb really makes you think though as to how your grammar might effect your future, your career and just your life in general. Until next time!


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